Matrix Live Wallpaper for android

Matrix Live Wallpaper for android

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stoptomove Live wallpaper with famous Matrix code rain effect

A live wallpaper with animated Matrix code effect on your screen. Very customizable animated live wallpapers with Matrix digital code rain theme for any HD or 4k screens. This live wallpapers will decorate your phone, tablet or TV screen and make it more unique and beautiful.

- Android TV and TV boxes support (Android TV backdrop / screensaver)
- Can only be displayed on the lock screen
- Change character set
- Change characters color
- Change character text size
- Change falling speed
- Change direction
- Android screensaver support (phone/tablet)

Character set includes custom text, astrological character set, elvish, mandalorian, autobot, decepticon and klingon character sets. Color settings includes single color, dynamic color, bi-color, and dynamic bi-color. The color of the first character can be set in the Matrix style.

This popular live wallpaper will give your TV or phone screen a completely new spin and can turn it into something unique - just install the Matrix TV live wallpaper application and enjoy.

You can either set the wallpaper in the Android settings, or click the "Set Wallpaper" option in the app itself.
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