ORILEY V-N95 SITRA Approved 5 Layer Disposable Face Mask with Nose Pin Mouth Cover for Men & Women (1 Pc)

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VN95 FACE MASK: Oriley presents SITRA Approved 5 layer skin friendly face mask that offers up to 99.6% particulate filtration for protection from bacteria, microorganisms, body fluids and dust to help you breathe easier and stay germ-free in various indoor & outdoor places.
5 LAYER ENHANCED FILTRATION: Investing on the Oriley Face Mask Respirator will not be a disappointment it is made with 5 consecutive layers i.e. SSMMS Hydrophobic Material (50 GSM), Meltblown Fabric (22 GSM), Spunbond Nonwoven (30 GSM), Meltblown Fabric (22 GSM) & Spunbond Nonwoven (30 GSM).
COVERS MOUTH & NOSE EFFECTIVELY: Our offered VN95 facemask is designed to achieve a very close facial fit for efficient filtration of airborne particles. It is subjected to careful and rigorous testing to block more than 95% of very small (0.3 micron) test particles without hindering effortless breathing.
ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Its stretchable earloop straps can be adjusted to meet the most head sizes while assurance that it won’t hurt your ears or nose during extended hours of wearing. Ideal for wearing by men, women & adolescents alike in all types of indoor and outdoor places.
ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: Oriley Mouth Nose Face Cover Mask is here to make your life easy and comfortable without letting the job in hand affected. It is ergonomically designed to give you that necessary ease of breathing while working and helps ensure a better seal and snug fit.

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