Get 250 Flipkart voucher on Refer Flipkart Axis Bank Credit card

Get 250 Flipkart voucher on Refer Flipkart Axis Bank Credit card

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• Flipkart Internet Private Limited (hereinafter referred

to as “Flipkart”, “We” “Our”, “Us”) is offering rewards

to valid and eligible users of the Flipkart Platform

holding a valid Flipkart Axis Bank Co-Branded Credit

Card or successfully applying for a Flipkart Axis Bank

Co-Branded Credit Card (“You”, “User”, “Your”) under

its Program (“Offer”) from 1st April 22 till 15

May 22(“Offer Period”) wherein the User han an

opportunity to participate in this Offer subject to the

terms and conditions of this Offer (“T&Cs”)

• By participating in this Offer, You agree to be bound

by these terms and conditions, the Terms of Use

Privacy Policy, and other relevant documentation that

are available on the Fapkart mobile application and

website (“Flipkart Platform”) including any

modifications, alterations, or updates that We make.

You or the Referee (defined below) also agree to be

bound by the terms and conditions of the Flipkart

Axis Bank Co-Branded Credit Card (Flipkart Axis Card) This is a limited period offer and is subject to change at the sole discretion of Flipkart

• To be eligible for the Offer, You (“Referrer”) need to

fulfill the following enteria:

. You must have a valid account on the Flipkart

app/website and hold a valid Flipkart Axis Card.

• Your account must be a mobile number verified

with an Indian phone number on Flipkart App

To be eligible for the Offer, You (Referee) need to fulfill the following criteria: You must have a valid account on the Flipkart app/website and successfully apply through the referral link and receive a Flipkart Axis Card

Details of the Offer:

• To participate in the Offer, Referrer must invite) people who are not existing holders of the Flipkart Axis Card to successfully apply for and receive the Flipkart Axis Card(“Referee”). • The Referee and the Referrer must be 18 years and above and must have authority to agree to the Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy


The Referee must click on the link sent by

Referrer, successfully apply for the Flipkart Axis Card The Referee may receive the reward only after the application of the Referee for Flipkart Axis Card is successful and the Flipkart Axis Card

in digitally generated

• If the Referee has applied for the Flipkart Axis

Card through other means or if your Referee’s

application for the Flipkart Axis Card is

unsuccessful then Referrer or Referee will not be

eligible for the reward.

Referee’s application will be governed and solely

dealt with by the issuer of the Flipkart Axis Card,

Axis Bank in accordance with the terms and

conditions governing the Flipkart Axis Card • If the conditions of this Offer are satisfied, the Referrer and Referee may receive rewards under this Offer which will be directly added to the “My Rewards” section on the Flipkart user account. • Referrer and Referee will receive an Flipkart Electronic Gift Voucher (EGV) of INR 250 under this Offer as rewards (“Rewards”), subject to satisfaction of these T&Cs • These rewards are subject to this Offer still being

active at such a point in time.

Flipkart may limit the maximum amount of

rewards that may be earned under this Offer at its

sole discretion without notice.

The Referrer may refer an unlimited number of

people, subject to authenticity and validation

checks by Flipkart

. Referrer shall be eligible to receive only one

Reward with respect to a single Referee

•The Reward will be valid only for 1 year and for one-time use for its full value. Any unutilised portion of the Reward shall not be refunded. • The Reward cannot be exchanged for cash

• No duplicate Reward or compensation in lieu of

the same shall be given by Flipkart,

No cash refund in part or full against this Reward

to be provided.

Reward is redeemable by the bearer only.

No replacement/compensation shall be allowed

on loss of the Reward.

Once the Reward is issued, Flipkart shall not

entertain any request for cancellation.

• We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change,

modify, add or remove portions of this Offer, including

without limitation, changing the amount of Rewards,

modifying how You may eam and spend Rewards

earned, modifying the duration and expiration of

Rewards, minimum purchase amounts for use of

Rewards, maximum amount of Rewards that you may

earn, and discontinuing the Offer entirely, at any time

without any prior written notice to You

• Referrers hereby agree and understand that in order

to participate in the Offer, Referrers may be required

to submit personal information, about Referees and

the users you refer, such as name, mobile number,

and email address. Both Referrers and Referees further agree to receive communications from us with regard to your participation in the Offer Any information collected from Referrers or the Referees as part of the Offer shall be subject to Flipkart’s Privacy Policy. . When Referrers disclose to us any personal information relating to the Referee or other people, Referrer represents that they have the authority to do so and have obtained relevant consent from the Referee(s) Referrers further warrant that such information was collected lawfully and there is no restriction legal or otherwise on the Referrer from providing such information to Flipkart for processing

in accordance to the Flipkart’s Privacy Policy.

. By participating in the Offer and submitting your

Personal Information to Axis bank, the Referee agrees

to process their personal information as per Axis Bank’s Privacy Policy for the purpose of verification and for purposes as identified in the Offer.

• Flipkart reserves the right to take any administrative and/or legal action including but not limited to: termination of Your eligibility for Rewards under this Offer or terminate Your User account, or the accounts of Referees, if You are found. • Opening multiple accounts with different email

addresses or phone numbers, for the same person/yourself in order to generate additional Rewards;

Sending unsolicited invites to people using spam, display advertising, sponsored links, unsolicited emails, or links on message boards or forums Broadcasting the referral link to multiple persons;

Attempting to take/taking unfair advantage of the


Using false names, impersonating other people, or otherwise providing false or misleading information to Us: • Offering incentives to people who do not have existing Flipkart Axis Card to register for the Flipkart Axis Card,

Violating any terms of this Offer or any other terms and conditions of Flipkart, including but not limited to the Terms of Use of the Flipkart Platform, Privacy Policy in any way, or • Participating in the Offer in contravention with any applicable law or regulations.

This Offer shall be applicable only in certain pin

codes. Therefore, if You or the Referee belong to

unserviceable pin codes, you shall not be eligible for

this Offer.

This Offer is valid for limited inventory and subject to


No other offers will be in conjunction with this Offer

• All decisions pertaining to the selection of the

participants for the rewards under this offer are at

the sole discretion of Flipkart based on a metric.

You are not bound in any way to participate in the

Offer and any such participation is voluntary

The Offer shall be subject to force majeure events

and on occurrence of such an event, the Offer may be

withdrawn at the sole discretion of Flipkart.

Flipkart reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to

disqualify any participant of this Offer that tamper on

attempts to tamper with the Offer or violates these

T&C’s or Terms of Use of the Flipkart Platform.

Flipkart shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or

any other ability arising due to participation by any

person in the Offer

• Flipkart will not entertain any correspondence

regarding the validity or acceptability of any

additional benefits offered by sellers on the Platform

or offers in relation to the Flipkart Axis Card

• Flipkart does not endorse the Fipkart Axis Card and

will not accept any liability pertaining to the quality.

merchantability, fitness, delivery or service, which

shall be at the sole liability and responsibility of the

issuer of the Flipkart Axis Card

This Offer shall not be clubbed with any other offer on

the Platform or the Flipkart Axis Card

You hereby agree to indemnify and keep Flipkart

harmless against all damages, liabilities, costs,

expenses, claims including claims made by the

referee as an unauthorized collection or processing

of personal information by Flipkart,, suits, and

proceedings (including reasonable attorney’s fee) that

may be suffered by Flipkart as a consequence of (0)

violation of these T&Cs by You; (ii) violation of

applicable laws; (i) any action or inaction resulting in

willful misconduct or negligence on Your part

This Offer shall be governed in accordance with the

applicable laws in India. Courts at Bangalore shall

have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute

that may arise under this Offer.

Expiring In 5 days

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Waste one they don’t provide credit increase in time and also worst on-boarding
App is good, offers are good but some deeply concerning pain points are not taken care

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not opening to me

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PM for referral

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The page is not opening

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gpsuraj wrote:

Waste one they don’t provide credit increase in time and also worst on-boarding
App is good, offers are good but some deeply concerning pain points are not taken care


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