Sound Recorder Pro for android

Sound Recorder Pro for android

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stoptomove Record high quality stereo sound with your phone.

High quality sound recorder for Android.

• record in PCM WAV (lossless), or M4A (compressed - small file size)
• raw MIC data (captures all sound)
• also recording with screen OFF
• stereo MIC (if device has 2 MICs) - listen with headphones and feel surrounded by the sound
• select the Audio Source (UNPROCESSED / CAMCORDER / MIC / DEFAULT)
• sample rate 8kHz to 192kHz (older devices may not support all the sample rates)
• bits per sample selection 16-bit (high quality) / 8-bit (record files to use in some embedded systems)
• ajustable gain 0 to 60 dB or automatic (look-ahead AGC)
• AGC processing step selection 10ms to 500ms
• AGC measured amplitude averaging factor A_avg 0 = max. amplitude, 1 = buffer average
• user-configurable file name including date and time
• stereo / mono channel selection
• option to swap left / right channels
• left / right channel balance +/- 10 dB
• keep screen ON - option so that device does not enter sleep mode
• disable ringing and vibration while recording - option so that the recording does not get ruined by the phone ring or vibration
• in-app audio player (listen to the recordings)
• in-app audio file converter (WAV / M4A to M4A / WAV)

You have to see the magic of automatic sound level / gain control (AGC), especially if you use to record meetings / lectures. It works as follows: it amplifies the quiet sounds to capture all, but then if a loud sound happens, it gets reduced volume to not damage your ears.

App. intended for personal and commercial use.

WAV files are limited to maximum 4GB per file, that is the technical limit of the WAV file format.
M4A files don't have the 4GB limit and they are usually much smaller anyway.
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Have you used this app?

Only 1k download and 3 star rating....why do you people recommend this kind of app?

Comrade Comrade
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1. Free version has 10k+ downloads.
2. Yes I am using it.
3. Not many person like to pay for a audio recorder as normal recorder is ok. But its free for limited time so make use of it.
4. Because of low downloads developer sometimes give it for free.
5. As a Dimer I post deals that are found by me, and I try to verify its worthiness. Final decision is of the end user who is taking deal.

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Thank you!!! Useful app for me. VU+KG

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