Van Heusen Boys Trunks

Van Heusen Boys Trunks

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About this item

Elastic Waistband: The elastic waistband is super soft and comfortable against the skin. It sits comfortably on the waist and is extremely durable.

Label Free Comfort: The label free design ensures you stay at ease without any skin irritation for hours.

Ultra Soft: The fabric is extremely soft and comfortable, keeping you at ease for hours.

Combed Cotton Stretch: These trunks are made from super soft combed cotton stretch fabric for comfort and flexibility.

Solid and Prints: These briefs come in an assortment of solid and fun print patterns.


This boy's trunk is made with 95% super combed cotton and 5% elastane. This style comes in a fun assortment of solid and printed patterns. its ultra-soft elastic waistband is gentle on skin. Label free comfort.

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