ZEPTO X CRED - Rs100 cashback on min.299 order

ZEPTO X CRED - Rs100 cashback on min.299 order

33% OFF 299.0
Deal Captain
Coupon Code : ZEPXCRED
https://www.zeptono...m/ Cred offer - Get Rs50 off + Rs50 cashback on min. 299 order.

IMG20240603190617Apply code ZEPXCRED
Expiring In 13 days
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Deal Major Deal Major
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User specific

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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Last 2 times when this offer came for me, the code got successfully applied but I received only re 1 cashback

So be careful to check what offer is applied in cred during payment. 50Rs cashback might not come in cred payment page

Spearhead Spearhead
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Yes. You will get 50 upfront discount but the cred cashback of ₹50 is doubtful.

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Generous Generous
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Payment has to be made through cred upi / cred pay ?

Terms & condts like valid date ,month , any more details / screenshot? 

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Cred pay.
No other t&c shown.
During payment Rs50 cashback doesn't show up.
Also Rs50 cashback not received.
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Benevolent Benevolent
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If ₹50 cashback is not coming then not worth it 😅

Ps: Did the payment & got ₹1 in cred 🤣

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Got Rs50 after talking with CC , they gave it without much questions.

T @luckyemerald @NeoM

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