10k Rs credited from unknown source

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Recently my ICICI bank account got credited with Rs. 10,000. I can't recognize the cause or source of this money.

In the bank statement it is showing:  


Can anyone tell me what is this icici credit card wit transaction? 

Note: I have an ICICI Amazon card

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Cash Management Services (CMS)

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Better check with the customer care team, they could be able to tell you in detail from where did you get the money. Or if it is a fraudulent transaction.

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extra payment to card? emi cancelled.

Beacon Beacon
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It is refund amount (if you've cancelled or raised refund) for order.

Same amount will be charged in card by coming statment. So don't worry. Else inform bank immediately.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Checked on Credit card statement. There is an credit of 10k mentioning


And a debit of 10k stating

Refund Amt Transfer to Bank Acc

But I didn't had any refund pending for me...

Beacon Beacon
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If same amount refund you got in card, then it is same refund amount in bank account (due to Bug in their system). Also same will be charged in card

1. Card 10+

.2 Account 10+

3. Card 10-

Net 10k that's what you get.

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Bought a mobile phone worth 10K from flipkart on 26th march. Mobile was delivered within 4 days. Amount was under processing for 6 days. On 7th day, it's vanished from my current statement (neither in settled or nor in unsettled). Bill is not generated yet.

What do you think? What will happen now? 

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Don't worry it will be there in your upcoming statement 

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Generous Generous
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Kat jayega bhai.. mere ko 62k acc mr and 62k card me aaya tha.. socha ye wahi 45k wala compensation hai .. baad me nikal liye.. bank ne at wapas..

Generous Generous
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It will be some chargeback thing..  they refund in both acc and cc then desuxt again from cc

Cool Cool
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Bought a mobile for 18000. But the transaction was not there  in my icici app. And after 6 months they add it to my credit statement..

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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There you were in cloud9 thinking you got a mobile phone for free.

They crushed your dreams. Report them to Ombudsman.

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