Do you use dedicated bank account just to make credit card payments?
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2nd Bank account used only for purpose of credit card payment - any good?

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Hello Dimers,

I would like to know if we just use a HDFC Bank account just to pay a fixed credit card bill of 16k every month and NOTHING ELSE (no other transaction), 

so in this case, will we get offers or other perks, any benefits we can reap from it?

any suggestions? to use 2nd account efficiently?

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When separate account for UPI is needed, it makes sense because of logs.

For CC Bills, makes 0 sense to me

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hmm I am in the process to get HDFC 2nd account just for its debit card to get 1% return on paying credit cards:) 

other than that no use for this 2nd account so thats why wanted to know how to use this 2nd account more efficiently if anyone tried this way as me with 2nd HDFC account

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So any one with suggestion on how to use a 2nd Bank Account Effectively? or Efficiently?

in a rewarding way

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Take NSDL Jiffy Account. Gives 4% Interest (Quarter Disbursal) & Charges 5.90 Rupees for Account Maintenance

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Yes, I caught your intention ever before fully reading the OP... that's a good move you're thinking about... but I think you need a savings max account minimum to get DC fees waived.

Also, it seems HDFC billpay for other CCs give 400 rewards for millennia card too for 16k payment these days...

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Finally got my 2nd account with HDFC activated on 24th May 2024 :)

so now I hold 

1 platinum DC

1 millennai DC

so here on i can gain 1150 per month till my spend is 91k

wondering how to get more rewards with HDFC debit card apart from credit card payment

Side note: btw you can wave off DC charges if you are in HDFC classic or other HDFC premium banking upgrades

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