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Hi Dimers, 

I am in thought of reconstruction of our 22 year old house and at the same time planning to design it by my own using 3d Floor Planner app or website (8 -10 house designs and later discuss with family). Is it good option or any other way I can get free Floor designs? 

Any architect on desidime who is available to help me on getting good designs from any available free design library. 

Plot size is 22x50 i.e. 122.22 sq yds

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Benevolent Benevolent
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>> design it by my own using 3d Floor
Recipe of disaster. 

Consult a good architect in your town/city.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Why do you think it?

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Generous Generous
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sry my bad. read it as 3rd flood planner. just kidding.

Hotshot Hotshot
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Try SweetHome3D.... It's free and amazing software..
Generous Generous
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Don't do it yourself.

Designing is different, and architecture is different.

You need to take care about the local construction rules, FSI, Structural Strength, etc. ( You need to get that plan approved from the local government authorities as well.)

A good architect will help you to design it accordingly and help getting all the approvals.

Also, 22 years is not a big number. If it's in a good shape then you can think about the renovation as well.

Coz construction is very costly now-a-days, atleast 1500 Rs. per sq ft. , Still quality of the material is not as good as it use to be earlier.

You can think about the eco friendly PEB construction as well. (Depends on the area.)

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I just said to design it by my own. In my whole post I didn't mentioned about architecture design which have many aspects as you mentioned. 

One more fact that without authorised architect stamp no design pass in our area by municipal authorities. 

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