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Those who don't know, booking.com is a third party aggregator which acts as a mediator between property owner and clients/customers.

So here is the review:

Upon booking for a hotel property via booking.com that too a pay in cash while checkin, they still require a cc for verification. Why , coz they says in case there is a no show then they will charge from card in that case. mmm okay.

So, they take card details verify it and share it to the hotel in a plain text, yes u read it right ,in a plain text like card no, cvv etc so that they can charge directly. Woow .

Since it is an international company it doesn't require otp to validate tranx

Even after paying in cash ,hotel will still reserve/block/charge payment from ur card.

And if u ask booking com will say, it is matter b/w u and hotel, we are just a mediator.

How is your experience if u have ever used it?

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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They're trash. I only ever use them when given the option to pay in cash & no pre payment. The support is non existent & I've already had a bad experience. Won't recommend.

Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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even pay in cash, need cc .
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Cool Cool
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This tnx without OTP thing works/may work only with mastercard network.

Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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i believe it is for all network, visa master etc
Post Mogul Post Mogul
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they dont even verify hotel.. had worst experience when I had booked hotel but there was no hotel when visited at the location
Generous Generous
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Its been more than 10 years but had very pleasant experience with them. Booked rooms in 3 different countries at the cheapest price (after comparisons) and everything was satisfactory. Did not face any issue whatsover.

Edit: More than satisfied coz checked in well before checkin time and vacated  late evening even though checkout was at 12 but mostly it was at the discretion of respective Hotels 

Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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That's great, but here review is regarding payment thing.

Staying solely depends on the property.

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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It is a giant and let us just say that internationally, it is no less reputed than our homegrown sites (MMT, goiBiBo, Yatra etc) -

It's parent company (Booking Holdings) also owns the below brands - 

I have had excellent an experience with Priceline.com over in the US for dozens of hotel and flight bookings over a decade.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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One more thing if you book hotel in low price like a hotel is generally listed in 2-3 k segment, you book it for 1200-1500. Even after paying online they hotel may reject that booking as the credit sent to them is amount equivalent to 1200 + commission less. It means that booking.com they arbitrary put price of some property by per their algorithm that may be rejected by hotel. So you have to contact them waste 1-2 hour to get our money refund. So please book only those hotel that is way more reputed like 4-5 star or hotels that are price genuinely.

Generous Generous
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International Transaction On/ Off Feature left the chat..

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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For such sites, have virtual CC ready and share the access.

It will expire after 24 hrs.

Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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how to get virtual cc?
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Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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Worst Experience with Booking.com, WHEN I Booked it in Mumbai (3- STAR) They told me to Pay in CASH Because I booked that Online with a Discount! CRAP Support!

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