about feature of Use two Whatsapp accounts on the same phone

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WhatsApp, the popular Meta-owned messaging platform, has introduced a new feature that will now allow users to log in with two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on a single Android device 

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Old news. It was released for some users last year, can run two accounts simultaneously on a Whastapp app.

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yes but any good review like backup or lag prob?
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Brother it is very old report.
Internationally they started limited rollout few months back.
Gradually the global shipment of the final product is happening to all customers now.
That and online payments features is why they are heavily cracking down on modified (third party) apps which were already offered many more features.

Under the official applications, this might help users have the personal profile and professional use account logged on a single installation.

The ghosting mode needs to be made commonly available to all users.
(It is already there on modded applications.)
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Anyone using this feature already? I want to know if has any problems with backup or media folders.

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I am using it.
Yes backup is a problem since the backup of 1 account will override the other.
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Does using this feature create two separate media folders for whatsapp?

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