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Looking to buy an old gen GPU card for old PCs (and also as backup if needed for processors without graphics in the future).

Requirements are bare minimal, no games whatsoever, office + occassional amazon prime video/youtube purpose, max HDMI 1080p needed.

Won't take nvidia for some obvious issues, also better radeon-drm driver support for linux as I've found

Getting options: *1.* AMD Radeon HD 6450 1GB DDR3 64 Bit *2.* Radeon HD 8490 1GB DDR3 64 Bit

Option 2 is costlier by ₹700/800. What are your suggestions? (Yes, both are under 2.5k price range and might be new/refurb)

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Anyone? Please tag relevant people who knows this stuff... Also, forgot to tag @LIMBO I know who is into tech...

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No idea about old gen GPUs but how old is the CPU/PC? You can get some performance increase by enabling hardware/GPU acceleration for select softwares but i'm not sure if this would bring noticeable difference (w/ Older 1GB dedicated GPUs) 

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Radeon HD8490 was an OEM version & no official win 10 drivers so you can scratch it off the list right away.

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Yes, OEM for that model, won't that be covered by some generic amd driver/windows update installed driver?

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No idea other than what a cursory Google search can reveal. Post the crypto fuelled exorbitant rice hikes I haven't kept track of GPUs in general and low-end GPUs in particular were never really on my radar. 

Edit: H.265 10-bit and VP9 Part 2 decode in hardware is the bare minimum necessary IMHO. AV1 support is likely to be too expensive. 

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Thanks everyone for the inputs... it is just for bare minimum use as i said... very old PC I mean (socket AM2+) and also to throw some output on screen if it's needed with modern processors without graphics (testing)...

Integrated GPU on that mobo is not even able to keep up with OS UI (and obviously modern linux is playing bad with it due to it's legacy)... we wish to keep this board running till it lasts for a purpose/project, running a tri-core phenom II with DDR2-800 now. (though officially AM2+ supported) @LIMBO @getready @guest_999

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