AC cooling below than set temperature

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Have LG 1 ton AC in a small room (around 10x10) and at night, if the temperature set is around 25° in the remote with room temperature at 30°, then after few hours, it was 22° instead of being around the temperature set which is 25°.

Any idea if this requires servicing or usual thing?
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Looks like you are using AI (artificial intelligence) mode for cooling.

Press the mode button to toggle between the modes. 

Change to manual mode and set the desired temperature. 

Also if you use sleep mode, then AC will gradually increase the temperature at night.

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This is in manual mode only, where I have explicitly set the temperature to 25°. AI mode doesn't seem to have option to configure the fan speed etc, so not using AI mode

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Smacking the remote a couple of times will make it work... if not, hit the AC itself with the remote a few times and you will be good to go XD

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