AC vs Cooler vs Fan
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Ac or Cooler or fan.. ?

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LG Ac bought in 8 years back is not working properly for last one year and LG charge 8k for repair.

we moved it upstairs and need it downstairs which they will charge again after repair along with installation charges.

is it good to go with the repair or buy a new AC ?

if not AC,can i go with cooler or fan.

which is better in following options.

1) Repair AC and buy fan  or AC (suggestions for good table fan are welcome)

2) Dont Repair AC and buy New AC 

3) Dont Repair AC and buy cooler( read so many reviews on cooler but all reviews are negative either in terms of sound or air smell or rusting inside. suggestions for good desert cooler at affordable price)

4) this is the last option. to buy AC if none of the above is feasable and economical.

Need all your suggestion dimers on best Fan or coolers or best affordable AC

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AC use will depend on which city you will be using and if you can cope the heat.

Cooler I would suggest the following if you have bigger room size and good cross ventilation.

Hindware 85 L Desert

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cooler can't cool. max temp drop will be 4-5 top of that moisture. get a new ac,

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Air cooler will work if you have proper ventilation and climate is dry n not humid.

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Seriously like asking socio-economic background is awkward (to say the least) and not okay (with strangers) in such situations, so only you/your family can take the best call.

Also, unless it is already actual LG owned service centre people who Botched things up, one can reach out to LG to somehow arrange for their own people (instead of the third party agency). Depending on the location, it might be possible.

Unless installation mistakes, user error or serious issues in power quality
sad to see/know home appliances like these failing in such short duration.
I wonder if it is a window AC or split. If split, then maybe only the blower might have been shifted, while the main (outdoor) unit remains as is.

About the natural grass or synthetic mesh in swamp coolers giving odour: It is not really so for long.
New grass/ new mesh initially gives a peculiar odour for first 60-70 hours of use, but thereafter mostly it us okay.

Noise of the portable/ movable ones can sometimes be an irritant, but depending on their size and local weather.. they work.

But then you also mentioned internal rust. So it seems you are contemplating also on the fixed ones.
If one can have some local assembler/supplier build a custom one to fit the specific site, then it is not really a hassle in water refilling, noise, odour and resting.

Have seen many local suppliers even helping cut the (window) grill (if needed) and in high rises.. installing the cooler on angle brackets.

Float valve and auto cut-off ensure that no manual input needed to regulate the water supply. (Separate water connection given via pipe.)

Properly painted ones with primer and then multiple point layers will now not rust on the inside and on tge outside one will anyway need some cover again bird dropping from spoiling the paint.

Custom made ones too now provode a basic digital d8splay with remote.

Obviously there is need to drain it out if unused for long duration, else mosquito and rotting smell.
They give an outlet pipe with valve, for users to be able to do it themselves.

In such ines with grass type thing.. every two seasons or so .. the grass needs replacement to avoid smell or less efficiency.

Swamp coolers/ desert coolers are relatively useless in humid weather or during rains.

Symphony brand used to good for portable but large size coolers too. Maybe it still is.
As children we used to go to a relatives place who (back then) had a boxy Symphony. Peak 40 degrees plus temperatures too, so in the side load opening.. we (kids) used to slip ice in the water compartment.😆

About 8000 for fixing it versus not getting it fixed. That call has to be taken by your parents or by you/owner.

We do not know the extent of repairs it has. Maybe you were informed.
Are they going to give at-least a token 60/90 days warranty on the repaired part or the whole unit?

For now, if in big metros.. check the assembles who mix and match parts. Like they tale a Toshiba or O'general comptessor and main unit is non inverter or inverter (as per choice) and pair it with whatever brand blower (indoor unit) is economical. Talking of split ACs.

If the old LG simply had a failed outdoor unit (in split sytle) then making a hue and cry about it or lioping in a law firm for possible consumer forum case might help save the 8000 (at the cost of time the litigation will take).
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I should have highlighted the 'swamp coolers are unviable in humid or rainy weather' point inbold letters.
In U.A. they refer to desert coolers as swamp coolers BECAUSE OF them turning the room into swamp like weather.
The custom build/ permanently fixed, huge ones I have seen have a surprisingly low noise profile.

Couple of years back (after the videos of Telangana lady cooking literally on the flooring went viral) when their AC went bust during 43°-44° .. a family we know.. went in for a custom built cooler.

Cutting the original window grills few rods and installing a new front frame/ acrylic, angle brackets, water connection, auto cut off and remote etcetera cost about 20000 rupees and over 850-90p square foot of the hall, dining and kitchen remain super pleasant throughout the day. Even bedrooms too get some of the cool air if door is kept open.
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Close your eyes buy LG ac and sell 8yrs old one. AC repair is recurring cost except in case of Gas leaks.

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I prefer cooler to AC and use cooler whenever possible.

However you have to take care to keep window(s) open or have an opening for the air to pass when using cooler in a room that has furniture made of MDF or engineered wood; direct airflow from an air cooler can damage furniture made of MDF or engineered wood over time due to increased humidity.

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I have Purchased Crompton Ozone 88 Liters Cooler on Flipkart, it's good working plus1 it feels like AC ok_hand

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Any smell initially

Which other models have you considered?

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I'm just chilling with a cold drink with my ceiling fan on full blast with windows open. I just like to do my micro bit in lowering my carbon footprint. 

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