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Account upgraded to ICICI Bank Wealth Management

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Today when I opened my iMobile app then colour was changed to Black from Maroon.

I haven't applied for the upgrade and don't know what triggered it for auto update.

I have checked with customer care through Wealth Management customer care number. They have also confirm the upgrade.

2 years ago around same time, my insta save FD account was automatically upgraded to privilege banking account (Orange to Maroon).

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Fantastic. Now it should be a zero balance account.

What kind of MAB were you maintaining?

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For wealth acc, Add 5L and call your RM to convert.

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benefit of wealth acc?
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I have ICICI savings account (orange one).

How to upgrade it to 0 balance?

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1. Maintain an MAB of 25L for 6 months, and approach the branch for an upgrade.
2. Close the account, walk into any branch with a 5L cheque (negotiated down from 10L) to open a 0 MAB Wealth Management account (black).
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Update: I again checked with customer support. They told me mine is Wealth Salary Account. I will get all the benefits of Wealth Management account except few like Wealth Debit Card or Wealth Family Banking.

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