Adani One - Worst for cab service

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Story begins when I landed at BLR airport. I always used Adani One app as the cab rates were low as compared to other platorms (although they don’t directly have any cab services) they use MakeMytrip/Quickride.

The cab was supposed to be booked from BLR airport to my home. I landed at 4:30pm and booked it for 5pm, happily walking towards arrival only to receive a call from the cab driver tell me I am at your pickup location (home address). I was shocked, only to realise that I messed it up. I have mistakenly selected the pickup as drop location and drop as pickup. I immediately confirmed on app to have made this blunder, but I was still in some hope to get it cancelled or refunded for 667rs which is the amount I paid. Like in Uber/Ola etc. which allows to cancel with some penalty charges.

However that was not the case with Adani One. When I clicked on cancel booking- it said, oops it’s not our policy! Any booking should be cancelled before 1 hour for a full refund. Sighhh… I was like, how can I cancel it at 4pm when I booked only at 4:30. What kind of a policy is it? Never mind I called Adani One customer care and they said, well we cannot do anything. We have partnered with MMT, please check with them once. I dropped an email to both Adani /MMT and came back home with Uber.

It was dated on 20March, since then Adani —> MMT. MMT—-> Adani circling back at each other and nobody is bothered with my complaint.

Getting frustrated, I raised a complaint with consumer forum, there also no action was taken and MMT got it closed. Although I have received multiple calls from MMT trying to help, but Adani One is LEAST bothered to resolve this issue.

I agree - TOTALLY that I made a mistake, but will they charge me FULL CHARGE for a service I never availed? I saw multiple complaints for train booking etc. on X, and none have been resolved with a satisfactory customer service. Disappointed. :/

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Blaze Blaze
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In adani one app :-

1) cab booking is only to/fro airport OR freely available to any place ?

2) what's the cost difference you observed using OLA/Uber and adani one in this particular instance ?

Generous Generous
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If you can cancel the BLR flight 2 hours or 1 Hour prior will you get refund?

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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It’s Apple to orange comparison. Have you never cancelled an Ola/Uber due to any reason whatsoever? Or have you even been charged 100% amount for not boarding a cab?

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You could have told your friend/family to utilise cab and join you at airport stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Talk-Of-The-Town Talk-Of-The-Town
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If we book hotel, it books by self or through some third party site?

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