Add money in saving account through credit card-- will it add your gross income????

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By adding money through a credit card to your account. Will it add your monthly income and pay income tax at year-end.?

Currently, many apps offered to add money to an account through a credit card and we used that money in our daily expenses or investment.
Will it create trouble for us I mean will it add in our monthly income? and be required to pay income tax as per Govt rule.

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No. As long as you pay back, no. However, if you are using rent pay or something similar, the person receiving the amount has to add the rent income.

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Credit card money is similar to loan money which you have to repay back to card issuer so no issue with that unless, however if you add money in wallet & send it merchant accounts then this may create issue. If you are doing this just keep it in limit/ calender year.