adding credit card money to wallet

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Hi dimers , can anyone tell me how can I add my credit card money to my bank account without any extra charges or with minimum charges?? Suggestions are much appreciated plus1 
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1. Paytm has some offers giving 2.35% fuel wallet  cashback which effectively  makes free load upto 12.7k( only useful if u can have fuel stations with Paytm QR. )

2. Mobiwik has 1k free load every month .

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OP, this is a path to (financial) hell. Stay away from it else we'll soon see a post from you on DD or Reddit titled "How I messed up with credit cards".

The term 'credit card' is misleading. It is meant for people who can give money on credit; not for people who need money on credit. If you need money, swallow your pride and better ask near and dear ones. The alternative is that the banks will swallow you.

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my credit card money

This seems to be your misunderstanding. There is nothing called as 'my credit card money'. Amount shown as limit on your credit card is NEVER YOUR MONEY in the first place - it is a loan extended to you by bank. When you understand this concept and cycle, you'll not want to rotate money.

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