adhar linked number for credit card

I have most banks credit card. all with alternate phone number which is not linked with adhar. But for indusind and icici credit card it's asking adhar linked phone number only..
Any trick to use alternate phone number .??
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Deal Hunter Deal Hunter
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Concerning Question from @hijacker . 😂

Wingman Wingman
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It is concerning.. as I don't want spam calls on my primary number

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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Update your phone number in aadhar i.e alternate number get the card and change the number once again. Or check offline process with the branch or open an account with an alternate number and later close the account if you don't need later 

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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thats a round about way for sure;) but possible
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Deal Hunter Deal Hunter
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Easy way to use aadhaar linked no as most banks made it mandatory to use it. 

Change aadhaar linked no from local aadhaar centre / bank / post office.

Or first open with aadhaar linked mobile then change to another phone no later.

BTW which banks let you apply credit card with non-aadhaar linked mobile no? Share bank names?

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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1) Axis bank (3 cards) and 

2) HDFC (2 cards)

I personally have it since i dont use aadhaar in my bank account i got credit card pre approved and sanctioned without aadhaar as well

so only way to get credit card without aadhar is by getting some relationship with bank before hand is the solution 

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Generous Generous
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I don't use my Aadhaar linked number in any bank, but have cards from most banks, including IndusInd and ICICI.

While applying, they made no fuss, but recently while updating KYC, IndusInd insisted that mobile no be linked with Aadhaar. So I went to their branch, did offline KYC update and all is good.

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Any particular reason/benifit of using non aadhar based number for banking? 
I want to move away my bank accounts to secondary number but I lingered thinking aadhar based number would make non financial transactions easier
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