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Friends planning for Health Insurance Plan for a family of 2 adult+2 Children.
I have choosen combined policy of  Apollo 247 with Niva Bupa named as Smart Health Insurance and which is available on Apollo 247 website/app and can buy from there only.
It's having comparable features with all other insurances from Different companies with very competitive premium. But Niva Bupa support is saying they don't have any idea about this policy and can't sure for claim and such policies of ties ups are not reliable for long terms, if tie up breaks. So all this create doubt into my mind about the claim issuance with the policy and how long it will run in future.
So, I want dimers opinion and experience while deciding to buy new Health Insurance for my family, so that there may not be any issue in genuine case of Claim with most of the requirements of a top class and reliable policy.
Looking your comments...and will be valuable for me and might me other dimers in deciding the same in future since Health Insurance is almost a must for every family now a days due to increasing medical expenses etc.
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Watch video of lla

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Link of Video will be helpful, bro
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I have checked, and the policy you have mentioned is a super top-up policy hence the premium is very tempting, better to take a base cover first. Also, I am not 100 percent without base cover if we take super top-up policies or not. 

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Link Copied per policy and Apollo 247 support, if choose deductible of 25K the base policy will be of 10L.amd then add top up upto 1Cr. Only thing while claiming am to pay 25K from pocket first or any other existing policy then their base cover of 10L and top up upto 1cr will be paid. Here doubt is my NIVA BUPA support staff as mentioned in description. Is there any possibility that Niva Bupa will not give claim or policy can end any time in case partnership bw Apollo and Niva Bupa breaks ?

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