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I am thinking to buy a 2nd hand ICE scooter and short listed one.

By main requirements:
1. Daily commute to 7-8KM to office and back
2. Grocery shopping and ad-hoc things 

What I have finalized is a 2022 Ntorq  Race edition. I have an activa 125 2019  BS4 at my hometown and driven 10K Kms with that but I thought  to try something new. 

6000KM(approx) driven and price is 68K.

Dilemma - 68K is sounding a bit more for a used scooter but a new one with same variant will cost 115K(Approx) and what if this is an accidental bike. Reason for selling according to seller is he would buy a new high end bike. Anyone can help me with any background checking of the bike provided I only have registration number if at all possible ? Or any advice related to this will be welcome too. 

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city of ur residence?

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Buy Activa. Easy to get parts if something goes wrong. I would only consider ntorq if I'm heavy or intend to carry heavy weight frequently

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ask a trusted mechanic, he might help

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