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I have paid my credit card bill payment on aeronpay and it was successful but amount not getting credited in account. Because of transaction successfull from aeronpay i was fighting with the credit card bank about why still amount is not credited.

After month i have realised and checked the details of transaction and found there is no transaction reference number generated for this transaction.

After that i have mail them and they replied that amount was reversed and lying in their without credited in credit card account.

Because of this mistake i have been charged around 7000 rupees of interest.

Please help me to waive of interest charges or can i filed complaint against aeronpay for amount not credited and they are holding amount with them without refunding in source account.

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If this is your first late payment you can negotiate with the card department. It's 50/50 depending upon your relationship with them. Future advice-
1. After paying your cc bill on aeronpay please check if a reference id is generated in the order section. If it's not then payment has failed.
2.Now the most important, only pay cc bills of large banks like HDFC ICICI or SBI. What happened with me was I paid idfc and rbl both but inspite of reference number the payment had not been posted.
3.The money won't be refunded back to source but instead ecash. While paying your cc bill check the last option of ecash, the refund money will be available there. 
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