Airtel Axis Credit Card is available in Rupay variant?

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I am having Airtel Axis credit card in MasterCard variant. Can I get Rupay card?
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AFAIK, not available

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Oh ok
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araam karo

T: rest buddy

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I have three axis credit cards. Can I have one more cc from axis?

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maybe, first check in axis app in credit card section, there is apply option, click on that and check if you get option to apply other card, if yes then you can get 4th card (this only works if you hold axis bank account)

if you recently got 3rd card then maybe no 4th card for you but if there is some gap then you try to apply, if you don't care about cibil hit 

i had 2 axis cards for more than 1.5+ years then recently got approved for 3rd card and then i applied for axis kwik card and got instant approval with shared limit. so i got 3rd and 4th card in just a week gap but now in apply section i don't have any offers

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Axis dont even want to issue airtel cc on visa varient and you are searching on rupay varient

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why bro?

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