Airtel Payments Bank account on hold

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Recently opened APB account of my mother, after some days its on hold. Transferred some money from paytm to APB.

After contacting them on email, phone or ticket, they reply same thing "Do a biometric withdrawal at banking point". Airtel has a new way of seeking biometric now.

I don't want to use biometric withdrawal as I don't trust agents. They have many tricks to misuse.

Has anybody faced this issue? How can I resolved it without biometric withdrawal?

Can agent do the fraud if I keep the aadhaar biometric locked?

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You must visit airtel store near your location.

They will help.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Yes, it's mandatory now for every user. You can do at every store or csp or bc who provide aeps facilities. You can go for minimum rs100 withdraw if you think it's a risk

Community Angel Community Angel
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Ye biometric withdrawal Inka Roz ka ratta hai RBI should ban Airtel bank also

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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After Paytm fiasco I'm keeping money in regular accounts, only transferring to these kinds while transacting

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Community Angel Community Angel
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Aur bhai ye Roz ka hai in ka hence be ready for further harassments in future 

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Payment banks and neo banks days are numbered. Soon everyone going to bite the dust due to misuse of kyc. They are not strict in kyc and heard they opened 1000 s of account in single pan number in many cases. Mostly these are used for money laundering and money rotation. 

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