ALL Accor Account Hacked and Points Used for Shopping

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Hi DD community

My Accor account got hacked on 30th May and the hacker placed an order for 85,066 points worth over INR1 lac. He was able to change the email to his own and place an order, I saw an email from Accor stating the email address has been changed for my account. By the time I changed back, he placed an order.

I have raised a concern on Accor app privacy/ security section.

Accor had a data breach and all it's data has been leaked on Dark Web. Hackers are buying and checking your points balance, and where they see a big balance, they use it for ordering. Then they send hundreds of simultaneous spam emails so that the Accor email get's lost in between. And till the time you will realize, the guy/ girl is using a new iPhone sponsored by you.

Seems my hacker is in France and placed the order.

Please change your passwords TODAY

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Changed password as soon as I got to know about data breach and other accor members reporting their points to be stolen.

I don't have many points in my account anyways but this is a serious data breach and negligence from Accor. Been more than 2 to 3 weeks now since the outcry began and they haven't even acknowledged the issue nor providing a fix like 2FA.

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They should at least disable shopping with immediate effect and help use points only for hotel bookings. No other transfers need to be supported until they fix the issue.

Hotel bookings can't be done for others anyways and ID will be mandated during checkin 

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It's ok, but do not post hacker details because as per our DD group admin policy Hacker's or fraudster's privacy is more important than our hard earned money, isn't it @James_012  😉

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buddy if that would have been the case then we might have removed those details from here, when you reported something.
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