Alternative to brick wall

Hi Friends,

I am thinking to build a bedroom in half of our terrace, it's a row house.
Need to cover only 2 sides, was thinking what are the alternatives to brick walls.

Please suggest along with detail rates if possible...Thanks.
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Pvc panel, wpc panel, gypsum board (if area won't get dampness), plywood(again no dampness), hdhmr(green mdf), glass, alluminium sheets etc

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Fly ash bricks

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In case you are trying to save the cost, then all the alternatives will cost almost the same. But the work will be completed sooner. i.e. 20-25% time can be saved.

So, if it's about the money, then go for the Brick Wall/AAC block only.

If it's about the time OR load-bearing capacity of the house, then go for the lightweight alternatives/fabrication.
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