Amazon AI Conclave Online - Generative AI edition

Amazon AI Conclave Online - Generative AI edition
Join us at Amazon AI Conclave Online – Generative AI edition, to discuss techniques, and share common use cases and ideas for implementing real-world projects using generative AI. This event brings together technology leaders, startup founders, and AWS AI & ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) subject matter experts. The event features keynotes presented by industry and technology leaders, technical deep-dive sessions on Generative AI, 1:1 interaction with AWS AI & ML experts, and more.

Why attend?
  • Learn how to build, launch, and scale generative AI with the most cost-effective infrastructure.
  • Witness demonstrations of AWS generative AI tools and resources.
  • Get to know how generative AI innovations from AWS are helping organizations transform their businesses and solve real-world challenges.
  • Explore ways to lower costs, boost revenue, and enhance employee productivity; using generative AI & ML.
  • Learn more about responsible generative AI practices and what can be done to reduce the risks.
  • Connect 1:1 with AWS experts for insights on building with AWS and cloud computing.
  • Learn how Generative AI is changing the way we do business today with the ‘Generative AI: State of the union’ keynote
  • 11 January, 2024 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM IST
  • Online
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Don't know how to keep up with AI/ML few years ago CNNs were abuzz , later LSTMs now GANs . 😳

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