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Do Amazon customer service agents verify your name, mobile number, email address and default billing address every time you contact them? I requested a call back and the agent asked me to share all the above mentioned details for "verification" and to "fetch my details from their system" 

Does this happen to you? Is it normal considering I am calling from my registered mobile number and they already have all my details?

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No. Not at all. They sometimes ask to confirm last 4 digits of number. But never extra details.

They can already see it in their screen.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Oh....The customer service agent told me unless they verify my details he can't proceed further. By the way I had requested a call from within the amazon app itself since chat was not helpful.
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Don't worry , just check the parcel you receive if you have ordered it

It might be a scam and block all Intel 

Calls using Truecaller premium

This will help you

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If call is requested from application/site, only name is sufficient.

If call is requested via other channels (chat/mail/social media), they ask those above questions to verify identity.

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Sometimes even if you request callback due to some technical issues they might ask details and they recently started sending account confirmation links to customers if we call directly to toll free number depending upon the tool they use .

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Except CVV and OTP, you can share the details about you.

For nearly 9 years, my card details (except CVV) was available online. I closed that card only because it was a paid business card with no offers or cashbacks.

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