Amazon Delivery Boys Secretly Taking Photos of Customers

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Whether it is the thugs in the market who are finding ways to loot people in the name of small and big companies, or the vendors of the companies themselves are bypassing the SOP of the company and carrying out fraud. One such case came to light today in Pratap Nagar area of Jaipur. An Amazon delivery boy was caught secretly taking a picture of a customer while delivering a package. When the matter was immediately investigated, Amazon, one of the world's largest online companies, apologized for it and assured to investigate the fraud . The incident took place on March 9, 2024 in  Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.An Amazon delivery boy was caught secretly taking a picture of a customer while delivering a package. The customer raised an alarm and the raised the  matter  with Amazon . Amazon apologized and assured for investigation.

Is this happening with you ?? 

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    Probably he/she felt receiver doubtful or in past experiences people might have denied receipt of delivery to Amazon. That's why he/she might be taking precautions or another possibility is many rapido/swiggy/zomato/ola guys are recording experience/earning and posting at youtube and earning simultaneously.

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    Secretly ?? They asked me sir 1 min photo leni hai, when i asked product ki , they said nhi sir aapki, i was uncomfortable but didn't deny.

    Ondc itc also partners with amazon for delivery and same thing happened in that case as well.
    I believe this is just for delivery confirmation.

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    Have had Swiggy or other delivery partners taking the phograph of the house or main door to show that they did go there,

    but if someone took your (or any parcel receiving person's) photographs, then it is similar to how those people/ABVP members who forced people to get photographed after taking funds from them (during the drive for collecting funds which they claimed would go to the trust rebuilding the ShriRaam temple).

    Good on your part to not mind it or at-least allow to get photographed, but many would prefer that random people from unknown backgrounds not have such data stored with them.
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