amazon pay hacked. suggestions?

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Today, around noon, I got an email from amazon for an amazon pay balance deduction. It showed a deduction of 49rs towards the Airtel app. In the email, I got the airtel and amazon transaction ids as well.


Currently no one other than me is using the account.
Anyways, I changed my password and logged out from all devices from amazon, and reported this issue to amazon. They checked and locked my account but in the end said that it is not an issue from their end.

When I complained to Airtel on their email, they asked for my mobile number and since it's Jio, they ignorantly refused to entertain further.

What can I do next?
It's not about 49rs. It's about trying to find the person responsible and maybe report him?

Any suggestions?

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So, i raised the complaint again. And this time they reverted back and accepted that my account was compromised (but they don't know how). They have refunded the money and asked to re verify all my cards etc. Glad blush

But don't know who and how they got the access.

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Check Airtel app for any autopay setup.

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As I mentioned. I use jio. Still, I re verified now; no transactions from my number/account.

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Do you have two factor authentication enabled for your Amazon account? Before logging out of all devices did you see any unfamiliar device?

By chatting with Amazon customer care register a complaint for fraudulent transaction, saying that no OTP recieved. Request for reversal.

Email to Airtel customer care informing about this fraudulent transaction and seek details of the recharge performed and the relevant Airtel account, so that an FIR can be lodged. Send a copy to Airtel nodal officer also.

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My airtel app is still linked with my old friend having 10K Amazon Pay Balance.  so, if I do txn, they don't even remember who did that. 🤣

hey op @pranjal_gmail kindly check if it's linked

it'll show in specific app

You consented on: Month DD, YEAR


if it's today..then it's suspicious...else your friend/known recharged 

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raise the issue on twitter. their social networking team is far better than customer service teams.

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What could be the service that has been purchased for 49. As far as I know airtel discounted 49 recharge, and minimum DTH recharge is 50. So, what it could be? 

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I don't have airtel. But for prepaid, I think it's 1 day 6gb data. Don't know what service was the recharge for.

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Sometime back i got a mail from Amazon to change my password as account is compromised.

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So, i raised the complaint again. And this time they reverted back and accepted that my account was compromised (but they don't know how). They have refunded the money and asked to re verify all my cards etc. Glad blush

But don't know who and how they got the access.

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your passwords are weak and so is your laptop security a person who has username "pranjal_gmail" can say a lot about you 

download hitman pro and scan your pc / laptop

after that download portmaster

if you use phone then see if there are cracked apps installed and if its a very old one then get a new one 

change all your passwords don't repeat them use password generators 

i dont think you are hacked 

something is on autopay what you can do is just make a new amazon account and use that delink all the stuff on the old one dont waste your time on this issue you dont seem tech savy enough to figure it out by yourself you must have enabled something and you dont remember it now 

im not trying to demean you its just that you have given very little info to work with 

not a lot can be done here then to follow the steps above

whose number is the recharge on you can see it on the website / app? someone must have used your phone if the phone pin and upi pin is same

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Hey, thanks for the suggestions.
I'll try those 😊
Also, my amazon password was different from all other apps (probably simpler too), but I had 2FA authentication enabled.
Also, as I mentioned before, I don't use airtel, and I had re confirmed: the payment was not auto-paid from my old airtel account.
Also, no, we can't see the number for whom the recharge was done. Airtel is unwilling to help. Also, I didnt share my phone with anyone.
Don't know how the hacker got access, but I appreciate their effort. 😄
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yes today afternoon i think server error happened even when i was changing flash email to my real email id after entering real email  otp it showing me another email which i dont even recognize   i closed the app and tried to change it again

then it went smooth

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I don't think it was hacked by someone. They would have done largest recharge possible. It's likely a server side issue that accidentally deducted ₹49 from your account which is meant for someone else.
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same incident happened with me last year. I had already enabled 2FA authentication.Once I got the mesaage of the otp in night, for login to amazon. I ignored it. After few minutes, I got the message that 1900 deducted for the payment of the gas bill on amazon itself. I changed password at the same moment. I called Customer care and they said will call you back within 24 hours after investigation. next morning, I got the message of debit of 2100 for the again for gas bill payment with different gas bill number. I called the cc and they took the complaint on priority and I got the call back within 10 min. They said that there is suspicious activity on my account. but still its money is debited from my Amazon pay balance. They refunded my amount.

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