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Hi, I have an upcoming bill (six figures) and i wanted to pay it with my Amex card. But the platform (Easebuzz) doesn't support Amex.
I thought to use amazon pay wallet n amex card from there (despite higher wallet fees compared to credit card) but i got below error message:

Monthly load limit reached. You have reached your monthly limit for adding money to your Amazon Pay balance.

Seems it would first add money from card and then use wallet. Does anyone know for sure what is the monthly load limit for amazon pay ?
I asked support n they are saying 1L for year and 10k monthly. But i am sure i would have crossed that already had that been the case (i have full kyc as well).

Also does buying gift vouchers n adding to balance come in that limit? or does it have any separate limit?

Thanks in advance!
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hmm is'nt Easebuzz platform business platform and not retail platform?

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its a school fee bill. so its not a business transaction for me

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Gifts cards don't have any limits

For full kyc customer max bal limit is 1L per month and as your bill higher than 1L limits will breached if you do add money

But didn't understood why they will do add money, it should be direct from credit card

Try deselecting existing amazon pay balance if you're trying to combine that

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tried deselecting already but didnt help. under the amazon balance amount checkmark, where it should show the upi n card options, upi is disabled, cards are not listed and it gives the error msg i mentioned.

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