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Ever since I saw the Prime Shopping Edition thread, I have been checking my Amazon account frequently.

Yesterday while checking in the Android app, I barely noticed the Shopping Edition banner at the bottom and was able to successfully sign up for 399/yr. (Happened to have a shopping voucher worth 100 in my account so paid only 299). 😀

If you're looking for this edition, I would suggest looking for the banner, since it won't be available as a radio button to directly sign up for. 

Also, as Amazon claims, this wasn't shown in my iOS app or Safari browser, so make sure to check the Android app. 


And if you might need to upgrade later to regular Prime for Video & Music, better avoid Shopping Edition as the upgrade price doesn't make sense 😂


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Bro it's there for months. 

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Not for everyone as Shopping edition is yet to be rolled out site wide. I’ve been waiting for this a very long time so just hoping to give a heads up to those like me. 

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This is the normal pricing.

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399 still feels a lot. Might be useful if amazon fresh is available in your city

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