amazon security code for new phone delivery

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i placed an order in amazon for phone and selected my old phone for exchange

i erased all information by .choosing factory reset in that phone

now that guy asking that i need to install amazon app in that exchange phone and he need security code from amazon app

is it true

they need only otp na

pls help

thank you

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Delivery boy is right 

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New procedure is like that only. 

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Are the Amazon agents thoroughly checking the old phone while exchange

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you can install amazon app in another phone from ur family and give the code
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Nope, on exchange phone required.

Amazon app verifies the device 

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Ya U have to Kept Amazon App untill they confirm , For IMEI Check purpose and other System ( Bluetooth, wifi and display ) available in app and verify with code. 

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what are things they checked in your old phone @Me_Sravz

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Sceen check

Imei number

Pressed all buttons, i mean he checked, those r working r not

Later az app security code

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I recently exchanged my iPhone 5s on Amazon & had never downloaded the app. I wasn't sure of the exchange policy that the app needs to be installed for the exchange to happen.

Couple of things you can do:

If you can download the Amazon app, do it. For some reason, if the new app isn't supported then follow the below ways:

Either pay something extra to the delivery guy and tell him to call the delivery helpline of Amazon and ask him to tell them that code is not getting generated on your phone.  Helpline will assist further. 

In my case, the delivery guy called his local delivery office and spoke to someone. The guy at the delivery office told him to verify the IMEI number and he did everything on his phone manually. 

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