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Hi i have amex mrcc and need to make 6k + insurance payment directly on insurance portal

have already spent for 1500*4 milestone but have couple of more spends on non insurance category which are eligible for 20k milestone 

can complete 20k by using on 6k insurance payment  so does insurance payment count for 20k milestone 

Note i know that insurance payments doesn't get base rewards but my question is for 20k milestone 

And i haven't got insurance offer of 10000 Mr points on insurance payments 

Please could anyone who know about this kindly please reply 

Thanking you in advance

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Yes it is considered 

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There are no restrictions for the 20K milestone except for fees like card renewal, interest charges etc. Just make sure your spends after deducting refunds/reversals are above ₹20K.

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There is an amex insurance payment offer

Check you4 email and register for offer and then make payment for bonus reward points

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Does Amex accepts refunds as bill payments?

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