Annoying indusind bug

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I changed my indusind number long ago but indusind still sending sms alerts to old number any solution to this problem?

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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If you are getting promotional SMS.

Just activate DND service 

Community Angel Community Angel
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No bro the are sending balance alerts unnecessary balance alerts 

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I was getting daily sms/calls from IndusInd bank on my mother’s number..

I registered them DND and registered On this link for de-registration.. Still calls/sms didn’t stopped..

So I mailed them final warning that if they don’t stop I will email to TRAI and RBI regarding same.. and haven’t received call/sms after that

Community Angel Community Angel
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Have they sent bank sms alerts also?

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Benevolent Benevolent
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sometimes bank takes a time to sync the subsequent systems. it should get updated soon. 

also try calling IVR and see if they recognize you as registered customer.
Community Angel Community Angel
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On ivr they don't recognise as registered customer they keep bugging old number even after years 

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Also, if similar help but for a non-customer can be provided here.

A dormant (barely used) number is regular getting (debit/ credit) intimation SMS messages from 'Indian Bank'.

Do not know in whose account they have added our number. We have never had ANY relationship with them.
It is a data-entry / daya uploading mistake and 'Indian Bank' is pleading helplessness despite providing them the number they ought to remove.

Also Also, UIDAI (Unique IDentification Authority of India), SBI Cards, Axis bank (to name a few) have added one of our dummy e-mail addresses against some Aadhar card holders name, SBI IRCTC card, Axis Savings account respectively.

Although the e-mail address that we created has the same Firstname lastname as that real person, we never approached any of these businesses.

Either that person themselves or Axis Bank, SBI cards, UIDAI have WRONGLY added our e-mail in their customer's profile.

Everything from Aadhar data access alerts, card statement e-mails, transactional OTPs to bank statement are being sent to us.☹️
(Yes we wrote to Axis bank SBI, UIDAI and others.
No, we did not get any resolution.)
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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have you got any solution to that problem? i am also facing same problem. after changing mobile number debit credit alerts also sent to old number as well.

Community Angel Community Angel
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Sent mail to [email protected] and after 20 days got response that old number removed big sigh of relief 

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