Any disadvantage to sell mobile on olx

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I'm thinking to selling a OnePlus phone on olx. Is it safe to sell mobile on olx? If that person misuse the phone, will I be responsible for his/her actions?

Just want to confirm before selling.
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Sim card owner will be responsible

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as safe as phone inside your pocket.

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OLX is full of scamsters, so, beware and have patience as it's hard to find a genuine buyer out there quickly. It's better to sell at Cashify.

No mobile phone is linked to anyone with respect to ownership. It's the current SIM installed which is traced back to the ownership of the phone at that moment. In short, IMEI numbers aren't registered anywhere when you buy a new mobile phone, so, you can be relaxed for this. Although, for safeguard, you can keep things like invoice, photos of mobile phone along with box where IMEI is mentioned and lastly a photo of handing over the phone to the potential buyer, all of this only if you still have doubt and want to be absolutely safe along with proofs.

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OLX tips

1. Prefer Local buyers

2. Meet at a public place

3. Address the problem upfront if there's any to avoid conflicts aftersales

4. Stress on inspecting the phone thoroughly even if the buyer says he trusts you and end the deal with the terms that you won't be able to help if there's issue onces the deal is done.

5. Format the phone and make sure no sensitive info is passed on

6. Prefer online transfer with the transaction deal remark


1. Don't show desperation, it might look suspicious

2. Be genuine and honest

3. Don't make promises like you would refund if anything goes wrong, afterall it's electronic item which would go bad without notice..

4. Act cool and show u have potential buyers already but since u find him genuine you were interested

5. Negotiate on call itself coz some smart chimps will say "dedso ( 150) rupya dega" which would result in frustration and waste of time..

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