Any Good deal on UPS ...preferably APC brand

Very nice deals coming up... all over platforms..
Any UPS deals preferably apc brand
Let me know
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I previously owned the top-of-the-line UPS from APC. The word America in the brand name was what attracted me to pay the premium price.

The unit arrived dead on arrival, and the company replaced it. The APC battery started losing charge very quickly (from a couple of hours initially to a matter of a few minutes) in a few months. They replaced the battery. The replaced battery also discharged quickly, so they replaced the unit again with a refurbished one. The refurbished one started giving electric shocks. I ran out of warranty and had to buy a fresh set of batteries myself. My unit used two batteries. This unit finally stopped working after a few power fluctuations in the area.

I finally decided that a standalone home inverter (with UPS mode) was more cost-effective in the long run than spending money on replacing UPS batteries every 6 months. It was the right decision.

Just the name and the price and a lot of inconvenience to follow, as far as my experience goes, using APC ups.

Have you previously used an APC product, or are you paying for the word America in the brand name?

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