Any solution for you need official whatsapp to use this account

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Any solution for you need official whatsapp to use this account? 

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The only solution you need is the knowledge to frame a sentence.

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Are you using third party apps for WhatsApp that marked unsafe by play store or WhatsApp?

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Yes.. I am using Fouad mod whatsapp. I like it and want to continue with it or similar modded app. Do we have any solution to bypass this check from whatsapp?

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No solution for my need joy joy

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𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐫❗ You DO h̳a̳v̳e̳ a solution (for your 'needs'), but you yourselves are not actively working towards it.
Also, in Asian cultures, one is supposed to simply comply with what the good elders say, instead of back answering.
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I agree. Custom ROM won't help as Whatsapp is checking the client app used for registration. I was expecting if any other modded app has identified and applied some fix to bypass this check

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use GB whatsapp/ fa whatsapp they seem to be working without any issues so far.

check the latest patch when downloading such apps.

Note: Im not using and wont recommend using them in mobiles. (as far as i know they seem to be tracking ur camera and location secretly.

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Seems you missed the post (made above) by @pillai_sir.
It is precisely BECAUSE OF using the modified/ unofficial softwares that the issue is cropping up in the first place!
pillai_sir wrote:
Whatever you do, trying to use the same number on a different installation of a similar (modded) unofficial version is avoidable.

Since it is not happening on three (of the total four) of the installations (that we use), for now we are not too concerned.

Obviously the logical solution is to comply and use the number on the official software.
But for now, I am going to sit it out and see if the developers of the modded application/s eventually bypass the checks employed by Facebook/Meta.
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My friend used these modified Whatsapp apps and his number is banned permanently. It's been 2years and it's still banned. I suggest you to start using official app. Pic which he shared 2+ years back.


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