Any Trick To Convert HDFC Millennia Card Intl Into LTF OR Annual Charges wave off?

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I Got Charged a RENEWAL MEMBERSHIP FEE Of 1000 any trick to convert in LTF(Like Closure email OR Twitter DM) or Wave these charges I have Axis Ace so not using This Card Regularly 


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Benevolent Benevolent
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Order for friends and family

or close it

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Mail them to waive charge, they'll most likely do it

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can you help me with mail id?
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Avant Garde Avant Garde
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Step 1: buy 20k worth amazon gv

Step 2: Sell them at 2.5% discount on trading section.

Step 3: Get profit of 2.5% for yourself. And also complete the monthly and yearly milestone offer and get annual charge waive off

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You can't buy 20K gv from Amazon every month, there is a limit from Amazon side too. Not sure about exact limit but you can't buy 20K every month

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Update: I just Mail them they Reversed my charges and Made LTF 😀😝


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