Any way to return unopened amazon fire stick tv remote after return window is over?

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Old remote was not working and sent for repair. The person from amazon service(3rd party) said, it cant be repaired but said we still try.

I ordered for new firestick remote (Rs. 1999) and went to native place for some emergency. The next day new remote delivered to and is currently with neighbour in unopened condition.

today after 15 days, i got call from amazon service team that remote is repaired and being sent to me.

Now the return window of 10 days for new fire stick remote is over.

I want to return the remote and get there any way?

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Keep it with you. You may need that after sometime.

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Talk with amazon CC they might help cuz in both cases amazon is involved.....if that doesn't help you have two options...either keep it with you for later use or sell it on OLX for 200-300 less amount

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At this price you could have bought new FS 3rd gen 😅

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was it under warranty.?

in my case they sent me new remote and refunded the whole amount of that remote.

Also there was a guy here whose fire tv stick stopped working out of warranty and he was offered to upgrade to max fire tv stick with Rs2000 less. He took the offer and got it.

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Selling it might be only option
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Thanks everyone. I have sold it online.

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I want to return and to get refund

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