Any way to transfer the balance in TataCliq Cash?

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So I have around 50k in my tatacliq account which is from a refund. I was planning on buying a phone from here once it came back to stock. But now the thing is that TataCliq has quited the Electronic Consumer Market as it was clashing with Croma under  TataNeu. Anyways, this means that I now have some money stuck there and the only way I can spend that is by buying clothes and shoes which I doubt I will be able to. Any suggestions will be appreciated, thank you.

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Maybe better to check with CC, they might convert it into tata neu cash.

Or if you want to cash out buy gold coins and sell them in offmarket.(might lose around 8-10% if you sell at current market price of gold)

Notr;: I don't have Tatacliq, above is just a suggestion.

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