Anyone facing this Amazon glitch?

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For quite some time, whenever I select Amazon Pay as a payment option on third party websites, it redirects to this page to pay via Amazon.

It shows nothing & if I click Pay Now, it asks to select a payment method. Most likely, it's somewhere in the box line which is empty in the image.

It's not just one website but with most websites that redirect to this page, it doesn't give any way to pay. Also, I've tried it both with mobile & desktop. It's the same.

Anyone else facing this?


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Similar thing happened with me yesterday when I was placing an Amazon order and choosing to pay the complete amount via Amazon Pay. But in my case, the "Pay Now" button was inactive/ greyed out so I had to go back a step and try again and it worked.

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Tried a different desktop browser? Brave might be too stringent with its privacy settings.

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Could be. But my default experience everywhere across devices is the same. Wouldn't be worth the effort repeatedly switching settings etc
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try to delete some debit & credit cards. you might have added a lot of them.

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There's only 2.
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