Anyone here familiar with video recording and editing technology, please comment.

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When watching motorcycle POV vlogs, videos from some motovloggers make the viewer feel the rider is going very fast and carelessly, even if they're only traveling at 40 km/h (according to the speedometer), making it uncomfortable for the viewer to watch. I’m certain the YouTuber isn’t increasing the playback speed at the post production stage,  because the live voice on the scene seems normal.

Meanwhile, motologging videos from some Youtubers travelling at the same speed (say 40 km/h) have a calming effect.

Is this difference due to settings used in their action camera, like FPS or other factors? 

Could someone familiar with video recording and editing technology " in real life " provide more information on this? Thanks.

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- @Bhawin

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nahi bhai itna proffessional level pe nahi me khud sikh raha hu 

Not at proffessional level im still learning 
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