Anyone here used Niyo Global Card to get money from ATM abroad (specifically Dubai)?

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I am aware that Niyo will charge Rs. 100 + GST 18% = Total Rs. 118 everytime I use the Niyo Global card to withdraw money from ATM in a foreign country.

But I am having questions about what additional charge I may incur from the destination country's bank. I don't want them charging some ridiculous amount and I not knowing beforehand.

The location I am specifically looking for is Dubai, UAE. 

If anyone here used Niyo Global in UAE and did withdraw money from ATM there, your inputs will be highly appreciated.

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That is not something Niyo can control. It depends from ATM to ATM, Niyo charged me 118 + I had 2 CAD ATM fee. It should be mentioned on the ATM itself.

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Any other good card for international ATM withdrawals?(preferably no account opening charges/amc)
Earlier used Jupiter card, but now they have removed free forex markup.
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IndusInd Exclusive & Pioneer debit cards.
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Would you recommend niyo global instead of IndusInd if the sole purpose is to save on forex markup?

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I don't use NiYo Global. 

Somebody here on the forum had issues with their exchange rate.

Look around, you will find that post. Past 3-4 days. 

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Did you get Niyo Global card & used at ATM in Dubai?
If yes, please tell me how much extra was charged & your overall experience with this card in Dubai.

If not, did you used any other card?

Thank you!
Waiting for the reply.

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