Anyone Tried pocket UPI by MobiKwik?

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Saw a lot of posts about users looking for alternate ways to use UPI, especially via Wallet. (given the whole situation with Paytm)

Sharing my experience of using pocket UPI by MobiKwik.

  • I can load 1000 rs at starting of the month using a credit card for free (Diners, amex, visa , MC - all are supported)
  • Then I can use this money to send money to anyone (even individual UPI IDs of phonePe, Gpay, paytm). (Free card to bank transfer). Works for scanning QR also in the market.
  • I can also load my wallet using my bank account.
  • While this doesn't have any money rotation advantage, it just keeps my bank account free of small 10Rs. transactions. (Also controls my spending urges on UPI 😄😄)

  • Another advantage is when collecting Contri. money for parties etc, I can just accept money in my wallet through wallet upi id and then do a single wallet-to-bank transfer for free.

Seems like a new feature  in beta, but I found no issues so far.

Does anyone know alternatives or anything better?

Adding some screenshots



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It's just wallet UPI

They renamed it as pocket UPI

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okay, any other wallet upis?
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I don't think Amazon wallet upi allows loading money via credit card while mobikwik does!

Can anyone confirm?

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U can't load apay wallet using CC

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btw, just found out that MobiKwik pcoket upi is working on individual QR codes also.

There is no need to arrange for merchant QR codes😄.

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There only two advantages for this,

1. You can load it from your account and use this, so there won't be thousand entries in your account.

2. You can load the wallet using credit card(2.95% charges) and send it to yourself or friends. Which you can already do with mobiqwik.

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Any advantage over UPI lite or Rupay credit cards with UPi gateway?

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@Original Yes

  • UPI lite txn limit - 500 | Pocket upi - so far tried 1 lac
  • UPI lite - loading via cc not allowed | Pocket upi - allowed via visa, mc, amex, diners , rupay.
  • UPI lite - 2000 max balance  | Pocket upi - 2lacs allowed.

Last month, I loaded MBK wallet via American express and paid rent to my landlord😄

This way,  I will reach my milestone spends, & get taj vouchers. Not to forget Amex also gives reward points on wallet load.

Basically, pocket upi is a more powerful upi wallet.

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Anyone knows MCC for loading MK pocket upi? Shows as "MOBIKWIK" in HDFC debit card txn statement... @abhishek012

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it's same as the wallet i.e 6540.
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