Anyone using Lenskart Specs with sunglasses addon?

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I wear specs daily and have low number (-1.25 and -0.25). Due to specs, I cannot wear sunglasses properly always and I don't want to buy dedicated sunglasses too as usage is sporadic.

I found that lenskart has this switch thing where the main specs have a magnetic connectivity to addon / clip on sunglasses attachment.

Does anyone here use it? Worth it? I was planning to buy.

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I had bought it in the past, And the sunglasses addon require magnets to work and that take up space.

This alone makes the frame very thick, If you are used to wear thin frames then it will look almost cartoonish.

This is the case for plastic frames. Metal ones looks promising and have thin frame.

You can always visit the nearest lenskart store try the specific model and then tell them you'll bring your dad along with you in the evening for payment and then just buy it online with offers.

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