Anyway to maintain hygiene of hairs of scalp

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A friend had accident with injury on forehead.

Doctor advised not to get forehead wet due to stitches.

Due to this he is unable to maintain scalp hygiene.

Any dry shampoo or oil etc which he can use to get rid of dandruff reoccurring due to poor hygiene.

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Unless you are the relevant doctor who operated on the person's injury
it would be great to loop these queries IN to the same doctor/s
prior to experimenting and potentially risking their recovery, overall health by use of such products (as enquired by you. dry shampoo, oil).

Dandruff is (partly) a function of excess skin cells production and/or oil build-up or something else clogging pores.

Till the wound is not safely healed... safe enough for the scabs to have an adequate barrier to foreign elements from a non-sterile environment

even things done in 'good faith' too run the risk of having unintended, (avoidable) adverse effects.
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consult a dermatologist
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wishing speedy recovery 

clean shave may help 

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