[Apple products] Not getting any option to put GST no on Croma.com online shopping?

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I wanted to buy some Apple products from croma.com online and found there is no option to put the business GST no for Input credit. I am getting some good deal on Croma.com but due to not having option for gst I am not getting the products. Checked with Croma offline store in Noida and found much price difference from online Croma.com.

If anyone know how to get GST input credit for croma.com please explain the process 

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You can't as they don't provide gst for online purchases. Croma gst works only for offline and it's quite weird that their online and offline prices are different.
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They used to provide earlier, but they stopped providing the option for adding gat details a month or two ago. They say they have disabled, but working on it .
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