Are foldable phones good for use?


in college days i used foldable phone (saw moto razr used in some hollywood action movie) and they were good as the screen didnt get dirty and the opening it in style among friends. now the foldable phone are entirely diff touch based , so are they good with high price component , what r the issue one can face wrt to normal phoens? ofcourse suggest me some cheaper option as all phone are marked for 1 year warrenty by their manufacturer whatever the price 

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In the hay-days of NEC, used some of theirs for a while.
But lately, among clamshell form-factpr, I usually prefer offerings from Sharp .
(Nihon is still HUGE on clamshell phones).

If you check in the right places, you might also get the fakes (Chinese copies of Japanese designs, sold under XYZ branding) which work just fine, to fit your budget.

Apart from Sharp, there ARE other brands too (selling in Japan) which DO MAKE non -touchscreen 5G clamshell phones that support 5G. Just informing, nothing else.
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Good for show-off inho, not long term usability

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No, they have a weak battery and fragile body

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go for it, they will same purpose.

remember to get extra warranty along.

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Have been using for past 3+ years (2+ years with Samsung and now Tecno) and it is all dependent on Individuals.

I have always preferred larger screen since I love Books and even used to have 7+ inch Tab as phone, so am satisfied and will never shift to normal phone. It is difficult to carry in Jeans and other than that, no major issues for me.

Samsung was much more reliable as maybe, its screen had better Gorilla glass. I never use phone with Tempered glass/case and  I even removed the protective layer in screen that came with the phone. Tecno is comparatively very cheap (@just 59k now) and even it has completed a year now and so many scratches are visible on both the screens.

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Oh and Battery is the BIGGEST/HUGE drawback. Hardly get 12 hours before I have to run in search of charging port; had to put it in Airplane mode many a times while traveling.

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I had used clamshell phones for years, may be a subconscious hangover from watching star-trek in childhood. The design meant that the mic was right in front of the mouth so the other party could hear even if you spoke very softly.

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"My dad bought a Samsung Z Flip last year in April. Unfortunately, within just 9 months, the screen which folds along the line broke. Additionally, the bottom half of the mobile screen is also blinking, indicating that it is not as durable as a normal smartphone. In my opinion, this phone is only good for showoff and not practical use since you have to open it to maximize input. Moreover, the battery life is terrible and only gives 4 hours of backup. It seems that this phone is only for innovative purposes and offers no real-life benefits."

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