Ash Finally Wins Pokemon World Championship

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Pokemon has been part of many people's past. So here is a good news that Ash has finally won the championship after 25 years n he is still 10 years old🤣. Just saw it on insta n posted out. Well the animation is a bit diff but our beloved chikapoo is still there ... Yeah yes chikapoo not pikachu.
Here is the instagram Post n youtube link although it is in Japanese.
So what are your thoughts on it .
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100% KBC me aayega!! 🤣

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Why are you spoiling the anime by making these kind of topics 😠

Please change the title of this topic.

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Had a quick refreshment

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Finally Ash Won Championship. Watched 1st Season Only On CN 

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Doubt Nintendo will let go of this cash cow... Maybe they'll drag it for another 25 years 😆

Btw I dropped it when pinpulp generation appeared. I was bored of seeing over recycled plots.

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Yup me too but I dropped at that connoisseur series. The cash cow 🐄 is still going strong n I hv played Pokemon Red ,Emerald and many other such parts on emulator. joy joy Has been a couple of years when I last played pokemon games. This new animation is a real put off for me.
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Yes, I half way thorugh that series (pokemon journeys). I actually feel if ash took all his previously owned pokemon along in each series, he could have won every one of them 😑.

But ya, no doubt his every pokemon caught in pokemon journeys are strong 🙂

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Yup agree on that. Hope u enjoyed. Have a good time watching the next series whatever u r watching right now grinning

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